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Talk, chat, discuss, share ... multiply our impact.

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Do you believe it when your teachers tell you maths is useful in real life? Can you think how you can use times-tables to help tackle climate change?   What is 1x1? ... How about 1 x 5? ... Or 1 x 30? ... Or 50 x 5? ... that’s a lot bigger, isn’t it?

This week’s challenge uses maths to think about how we can ‘multiply’ our impact – how we can make an even bigger difference, and do more to combat climate change!

One way you can 'multiply' your impact is to talk to your friends and families about climate change, share what you know, and encourage them to reduce their emissions too.  To look back at the sums – if you could persuade 5 other people to open their curtains and turn their bedroom light off every day before school that’s like 1 x 5 = 5 times the impact.  If 50 Young Climate Warriors could all tell 5 other people that’s 50 x 5 = 250 people who would be drawing their curtains, switching the lights off and reducing their carbon emissions.

Your challenge this week is to share what you know about climate change and encourage others to become Young Climate Warriors by subscribing at  You might find this WWF video  or the ‘kids’ page on the Young Climate Warriors website helpful in starting conversations?

When you have shared what you know about climate change and Young Climate Warriors with your school class, Brownies, Cubs or football club, then remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON.

If you’re feeling creative – you could:

Make a short video and share it with your friends or cousins; Make a poster and ask to put it up at school or in a church hall or club; Send an email to friends or family; Write to your local newspaper or favourite magazine to tell them about the Young Climate Warrior challenges you have completed; or Write to your Member of Parliament – he or she can change rules and laws which could have an even bigger “multiplier” effect!  

Talk about climate change.  Don’t forget to share the Young Climate Warriors website – and tell them to click on the little green chameleon SUBSCRIBE button.

Imagine how many emissions you could eliminate if you could persuade your whole class or whole football team to become Young Climate Warriors!  Remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON when you have completed this challenge!


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