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  • 75% of the world’s main food crops rely on animal pollination. Bees are key pollinators, along with wasps, ants, flies, butterflies, beetles and moths   

  • Climate change is having an increasing impact on bees. 24% of Europe’s bumblebee species are now threatened with extinction.

  • A bees ‘buzzing’ is the sound of their wings beating at over 130 beats per second. 

  • Animal pollination is worth £690 million per year to the UK economy. 

  • In the UK we have 250 bee species, 25 bumblebee.

  • If you find a motionless bumblebee, it may not be dying or sick, but simply heating up its own body. When necessary a bee temporarily detaches its wings from its wing muscles, and then uses those ‘wing’ muscles to warm itself up rather than to fly.



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