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Our Team

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Our team

We're always interested to hear from those wanting to join our team, so please drop us a line!

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Founder and Director

Katrina Judge founded Young Climate Warriors in

February 2019.  'I felt compelled to convert my

feelings into actions and channel my energies into a venture to try and help combat climate change.' 


Prior to having children Katrina worked as a management consultant on assignments including: the London Government Sustainable Communities strategy and the Mayor's Transport Strategy. She then undertook a Masters in Environmental Change and subsequently worked with ClimateCare, a carbon offsetting business.

More recently she has been involved in Greener Henley community initiatives, and is a Judge for the Henley Schools Environmental Science Competition.   

Katrina loves running in the countryside, thinks being able to harness the sun’s power to create electricity is fantastic, and her children get a bit fed up of cabbage and curly kale. 

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Administration and Communications Manager

Lynne Allen joined Young Climate Warriors in September 2021 to help with administration and communications.

Lynne has a science background and she spent years working in the pharmaceutical industry, but having children and thinking about their future changed her focus and priorities. She is now passionate about the environment and is excited to be able to support teachers and help empower children to make difference.

Lynne loves baking, yoga, walking in the woods, and taking her children on adventures.


Social Media Officer

Molly Symonds joined Young Climate Warriors as a Social Media Officer in July 2021. 

Molly is currently at university studying Human Geography and will start a Masters in Climate Change and Environmental Policy in September 2022. Her research focuses on the Paris Agreement, and the importance of non-state actors (such as Young Climate Warriors!) in helping reduce climate change. She has worked on sustainability policies for schools, and is an ambassador for the Royal Geographical Society. 

Molly loves reading, playing the saxophone and going on crazy adventures around the world.

Fleur Wells bio photo.jpeg

Trustee, Safeguarding lead

Fleur Wells has been involved in Young Climate Warriors since its inception, providing an invaluable science teachers perspective.

Fleur has worked as a primary school teacher for almost 20 years, teaching in London, Rome, Oxfordshire and now for King’s International College, in sunny Bangkok. Always with a passion for encouraging child-led initiatives and engaging children today,  in how and why we should protect the planet for the future. Young Climate Warriors exactly complements this idea, empowering young people to undertake simple challenges that cumulatively have a far-reaching impact.


Fleur loves to travel, learn about new cultures, she and her family delight in trying and cooking international cuisine.



Mark Fisher joined Young Climate Warriors as a trustee in 2023.

Originally a lawyer, Mark has worked in sustainability for over 20 years, advising companies on reporting and governance, including how to focus on activities that reduce negative environmental impacts, whilst delivering enhanced social benefits. He has seen lots of changes in behaviour but remains committed to driving further action.

As a father to three teenagers, Mark can often be found on the touchline at weekends, and still sometimes playing team tennis. Injury has meant less time on the court this year, and Mark has also had to spend less time gardening; the resulting ‘rewilding’ has led to significant wildlife benefits this year – a lesson for us all!




Abby Ray is youth content specialist at the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB). With 21 years’ experience in international journalism, a Masters degree in Tropical Marine Biology from the University of Essex and an Anthropology degree from UCL, Abby brings a unique perspective on communications excellence, conservation expertise and working with communities to her trustee role at Young Climate Warriors (YCW).

Abby has a wealth of experience volunteering in coral reef protection and turtle conservation and when not supporting YCW, which she joined in summer 2023, can be found freediving or long-distance open water swimming, dancing tango or life-drawing. Her unbiddable one year old spaniel, Winston, is never far away. Abby is the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lead on the Staff Association

at the RSPB and is passionate about amplifying a kaleidoscope of voices in taking action to fight the climate crisis.

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Trustee, Secretary 

(formally a Director)

Sarah Tobin joined Young Climate Warriors in March 2019. ‘I don’t believe it is our children’s job to solve the climate crisis. But I do believe passionately that they – like all of us – should have the opportunity to find out how we can live more sustainably and that they should have a platform to make their voices heard.’

Sarah spent ten years as a civil servant in Whitehall, where her work included legislation on air pollution and public transport. She recently completed a Master’s degree focusing on how individuals can respond to global environmental change. 


She loves woodland walks with her family and their dog and singing (not very tunefully).


Schools Programme Manager

Julie Shorter joined Young Climate Warriors in March 2023. 'I believe children deserve support and encouragement to understand that they truly can make a difference, and their views count in the global challenge of combatting climate change.'


Julie has worked in education in both teaching and facilities management and has initiated a number of environmental initiatives across a number of schools.


Julie loves gardening and has created a pollinator friendly garden at home and has recently welcomed  a resident hedgehog named Mo.



Claudia Drake joined Young Climate Warriors as a Trustee and fundraising lead in March 2020.

Claudia has worked as a grant fundraiser for the Centre for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Surrey, at a local School, and previously at the House of Commons and with the World Health Organisation in Geneva. She’s keen to improve her understanding of how to live better on our finite planet.

Claudia loves gardening, making spaces for wildlife and enjoys community tree-planting at every opportunity.




Nicole Finnan is an experienced board director and Film/TV Executive with over 25 years experience in the creative industries. She is the Managing Director of Caryn Mandabach Productions, the producer behind the smash hit TV series Peaky Blinders.  She has previously held Managing Director, Finance and Commercial Director roles at Film and TV production companies and has executive produced numerous feature films and television dramas.


Nicole is an expert in corporate governance having recently completed the FT non-executive Director (level 7) diploma. Nicole is an accountant by training and started her career at KPMG. She is passionate about fighting climate change and about informing the young generations to empower them to enact positive environmental change.


Sam Mead joined Young Climate Warriors as a trustee in 2023. 


After completing a degree in Zoology, Sam has worked in the charitable sector for the last 9 years. His role has involved coaching and supporting organisations to deliver lasting and sustainable social change. This has focused primarily on impact management, measurement, programme design and change management. Having recently completed a Masters in Sustainable Development, Sam is passionate about inspiring the next generation of change makers in society. 


On the weekends you'll probably find Sam out and about with his family, enjoying time out in the great outdoors. When he has the time you might see him chasing a cricket ball around the local park or looking for his golf ball somewhere in the forest.


Picture 1.jpg


Sarah Austin joined Young Climate Warriors as a Trustee in June 2023. ‘I have been fortunate to meet many incredible young people that have refreshingly honest questioning minds. These future planet caretakers are full of potential, initiative, and passion, often woven together with humour, creativity, and empathy.’

Sarah has worked in event management and class teaching, but now divides her time between specialist 1-2-1 tutoring and as a project officer connecting families, young people, and communities with the green spaces around them.

Being outdoors is where Sarah feels most at home, does some of her best thinking and loudest singing when she thinks no-one is listening. She loves open water swimming in rivers and lakes which both terrifies and excites her all at once.


Tom Wilson Treasurer.jpeg


Tom is an ICAEW qualified accountant and treasury manager at HSBC bank, with a background working in financial regulation, corporate governance and risk management at the Bank of England. 

Tom is based in North London, loves travel, the outdoors and is big brother to 5 younger siblings! Tom enjoys contributing his skills and supporting YCW’s exciting mission as treasurer. 

Some of our Young Climate Warrior Ambassadors:

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