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Let's go on a Treasure Hunt! 💚 #showthelove💚 

Updated: Feb 23

‘X-marks the spot’. A treasure map often leads to a far-flung island, to a hoard of coins, gold ingots, or jewellery made of precious gemstones; usually there are many hazardous adventures before it can be reached. This half-term challenge may be simpler, but the reward is equally as beautiful! Any ideas what our treasure might be?


Your challenge is to find these 4 large stashes of treasure, buried underground since last Spring – maybe create a treasure map to give some clues as to where you found them. You may need to look in the park, on roadside verges, in window tubs, or the woods (check with your parent/carer). Why do you think it’s important to leave the treasure where you find it? 

‘X’ – Your nearest 💚 snowdrops💚 – have you spotted any of these dainty dancers?

‘X’ - 💚 Crocuses💚 are slightly harder to find – but they can be true golden nuggets or amethyst gems – look out for their bright yellow or mauve petals.

‘X’ - 💚 Bluebells 💚 are still ‘buried’, not quite ready to give away their secret, but their delicate green shoots are just appearing, starting to carpet the woodlands with green. 

The final ‘X’ - 💚 Daffodils💚 – their green leaves may already be quite tall, and you may possibly, if you’re very lucky, even find a trumpet in bloom.


Do you normally think of ‘nature’ as ‘treasure’? Would we care for it differently if we did? Treasure is often buried - stored or stashed for the future. Bulbs are the same – they are a food storage system, enabling plants to survive dormant through the winter and then providing the energy and nutrients for growth in the spring. Climate change is influencing our natural ‘phenology’ – the timing of growth and development. For example, in the 1950s, snowdrops typically flowered in late February, yet nowadays, they have been bursting into bud as early as mid-January. These changes in timings make it increasingly difficult for our animals and insects, a key reason why we need to take action to help combat climate change.


If you love what you’ve found, maybe join in with #showthelove – February is the time for creating beautiful green hearts 💚💚 out of stones or leaves💚💚. Take a photo,  share it with others, and show them that you’re taking action to protect the things you love. We’ll think more about ‘letting your voice be heard’ after half-term.  

Remember to HIT THE RED BUTTONwhen you’ve found the ‘hidden treasure’


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