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Conversations buzzing around the world ...

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Talking, nattering, chatting, bantering, discussing, joking, arguing, theorising …

This week the challenge is about talking and walking … both really important when it comes to tackling climate change. How many conversations do you think are happening around the world at this very instant – an extraordinary thought? Imagine all those conversations … buzzing around the globe … little speech bubbles popping up everywhere. How many of those conversations might be about our natural world, our planet, how our climate is changing – and what we can do about it?

What do you think happens when we talk, chat and discuss what we know, feel and think about climate change? Do you think it’ll encourage others to share their thoughts too? The more we talk about our vision for the future, and our need to protect our beautiful world and keep it healthy … the more likely we are to feel motivated to take action, and others too. This week, whilst out walking, why not chat to your friends, cousins, grandparents, teachers or neighbours about our natural world and how Young Climate Warriors, like yourself, are taking action to protect it – maybe talk about some of the weekly challenges that you have undertaken and find out what climate change means to them.

Hang on … but what’s the walking part of the challenge? How about getting your legs to do the talking too … double your efforts to walk, scoot or cycle this week on your way to school, football, dance, Cubs or Brownies? Avoiding using the car helps reduce our impact on climate change. The conkers are falling, the blackberries are nearly finished, and the leaves are changing colour. Whatever the weather, you’re challenged to step it up and walk more instead of using a car - and talk to others about your choice.

If you’re wondering about how to start a conversation about climate change, you could share one of these videos and then chat about it? What exactly is Climate Change?

Penguins and polar bears (for younger kids). Older children might like to share this what a better future looks like’ – a 1 minute inspirational movie.

Did you enjoy your walks? Did you have a good chat? Did you share a climate change movie? Are you pleased you undertook this challenge? Let us know by HITTING THE RED BUTTON!


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