How can you support Young Climate Warriors at School?

Young Climate Warriors is about empowering and engaging children to respond to the climate change agenda.

Weekly Young Climate Warriors Challenges are simple, age-appropriate and fun.  Aware that teachers are extremely busy a weekly 'Schools pack' is provided - this relates specifically to 'This Week's Challenge' and can be used to facilitate classroom discussions, assembly presentations and parental newsletter communications. 

The challenges are designed to be informative as well as fun!

Young Climate Warriors is a great way to carry on conversations begun in class at home.  It is a platform for children to undertake tasks at home, so their parent / carer will need to be involved, however support and encouragement by teachers and pupil led eco-council teams will make a big difference.  

All ‘suggested challenges’ must be undertaken with the supervision and at the discretion of a responsible adult.


Click here to register for your Young Climate Warriors school pack.

Over 40 schools are now receiving our weekly 'schools pack', sharing the Young Climate Warriors initiative with their pupils.

To be part of a big team doing something for climate change, we will all undertake the same actions in the same week, and then click the ‘challenge completed’ button on the website.  Young Climate Warriors need to hit the red button to make their voices count alongside their actions. 

Ideas for use in schools to encourage pupils to become Young Climate Warriors:

  • Hold a Climate Change assembly

  • Try our 'Kahoot!' climate change quiz

  • Ask pupils to find recent articles about climate change

  • Set the first two or three 'weekly challenges’ as homework

  • Include the weekly challenges in the school newsletter

  • Post the weekly challenges on the school notice board 

  • Announce the weekly challenges in assembly every week

  • Ask the school Eco-councils to rally behind the Young Climate Warriors initiative

  • Suggest that Eco-councils could organise a half-termly competition as to the number of challenges completed

  • Set up a reward system within the school for those who show true commitment over the course of a whole term

  • Organise inter-class (or intra-class) competitions as to who can complete the most challenges over the next month (whether they can all remember to 'hit the red button' every week?)

Download our Assembly Presentation to show your school what a difference they can make!

Have fun whilst learning about climate change ... try our 'Kahoot!' online Young Climate Warriors Quiz

If you have any ideas of particularly successful ways of engaging your pupils and are happy to share them with us, we can pass those suggestions onto other schools. We'd love to hear from you!

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