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Teachers feedback

 Teachers - St Mary's - Nov 2020
Teachers - St Mary's - Nov 2020

Teachers - Aston Rowant - Nov 2020
Teachers - Aston Rowant - Nov 2020

Teachers - St Mary's, Bath- Nov 2020
Teachers - St Mary's, Bath- Nov 2020

 Teachers - St Mary's - Nov 2020
Teachers - St Mary's - Nov 2020


Young Climate Warriors is a great way to carry on conversations begun in class at home. 

Each weekly topic and challenge provides information, engenders discussion, offers thought-provoking questions and suggests optional actions.

Young Climate Warriors challenges are for children to undertake at home, so their parent / carer will need to be involved (All ‘suggested challenges’ must be undertaken with the supervision and at the discretion of a responsible adult.)

Climate Change Club in a Box resources provide a comprehensive introduction to climate change, allowing pupils to delve down deeper. 

Over 100 schools are now receiving our weekly 'schools pack', sharing the Young Climate Warriors initiative with their pupils.

Children can choose to be part of a big Young Climate Warriors team undertaking challenges to combat climate change.

If we all undertake the same actions in the same week, and then click the ‘HIT THE RED BUTTON' on the website -

then Young Climate Warriors can make their voices heard, to count alongside their actions. 


Understanding about climate change

  • Hold a Climate Change assembly (Maybe use the Introductory Assembly Presentation pack or the Little by little assembly - links below?)

  • Watch some 'understanding climate change' video clips (available below) 

  • Ask pupils to find recent articles about climate change (some recent articles can be found on our 'in the news' page)

  • Try our 'Kahoot!' climate change quiz (link above)

Weekly topics and challenge​​

  • Teachers can register to receive our weekly 'schools pack' that supports each week's topic and challenge.

  • Encourage children to visit the Young Climate Warriors website and sign up (it's free) - to receive the weekly blog topic and challenge by email. 

  • Consider how to galvanise the whole school community to learn more about climate change - a weekly mention in assembly? sharing the challenges in the school newsletter? on social media?

Organise a Climate Change Club

  • Hold an after-school or lunchtime Climate Change Club - using our Climate Change Club in a Box resources?

  • Energise your Eco-team by using our CCC in a Box materials? 

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If you have any ideas of particularly successful ways of engaging your pupils and are happy to share them with us, we can pass those suggestions onto other schools. We'd love to hear from you!

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