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Whistling, cloud-spotting, dew-bathing ... spot any cats?

Updated: May 24

Cats have four, beetles have six, spiders have eight – how many do you have? This week’s challenge is to use them to get you where you need to go - and have some fun outdoors at the same time. How do you normally get to school? It’s ‘Walk to School’ week - 20th-24th May. Join over 200,000 children and their families by swapping at least one journey that you would normally have driven for a walk (and hopefully lots more!). Share a photo from your 'journey on foot' with us at, HIT THE RED BUTTON (here!), or contact us through the website to tell us about it?!! Around the world, many children walk miles to school – you might like to watch this BBC Newsround video – these journeys are truly epic!!


Walking more means more fun outdoors … as well as helping to tackle climate change by burning less petrol or diesel. What will you get up to on your ‘walks’ this week? 

Cloud spotting - can you see any amazing shapes or pictures? Do they stay the same or change into something else? Find out what types of clouds you can see with this Met Office cloud-spotting guide.

Whistling – what sounds can you hear? Can you copy the birdsong or learn to whistle a tune?A ‘funny faces’ trail – find some twigs, pebbles, or leaves and create some funny faces along your journey for others to find?!

Dew-bathing – wake up your feet before their walk to school.  Find some nearby grass and walk barefoot through the dew!


When we’re talking about vehicle exhausts, it’s easy to get confused between the impacts on climate change and air pollution. So what’s the difference?The car’s internal combustion engine burns fossil fuels – petrol or diesel – and releases these 5 things in its exhaust - water vapour, carbon dioxide, some nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and particulates. It’s the carbon dioxide and particulates that lead to climate change, and the nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and particulates that cause air pollution. So using our cars less helps us look after both the health of our planet and our own health too.

When you have enjoyed an extra ‘journey by foot’ remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON!



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