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When you hear the word 'amazon' what do you think?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

When you hear the word ‘amazon’ what do you think? … Toys, books, presents, internet shopping – or do you think of the South American rainforest that is one of our carbon-storing, climate change-fighting powerhouses?

Your challenge this week is to stop and think about our rainforests, our animals, our planet before you ‘click’. Gift giving is a part of Christmas, but sometimes ‘less is more’. Would you like to ‘adopt’ an endangered animal (check out, or go on an outing with your relatives instead of receiving a new toy? Could you gift a ‘helping-hand’ to grandparents? Or think about some homemade presents that you could give to family or friends? Could you go to a second-hand shop to find the gifts you’re looking for? Whilst you’re heading to the second-hand shop, could you donate anything that you no longer need, or toys you no longer play with? If you need to buy new – can you think about buying something that will last and can you look out for environmental, fairtrade products? Look out for Forest Stewardship Council (paper) Soil Association (food) and the Fairtrade accreditation for many other items.

Don’t forget to HIT THE RED BUTTON when you have stopped to think - less is more - what can I do differently?

Everything we buy has a ‘carbon footprint’ – electricity is used in factories to manufacture goods; petrol or diesel are used to transport them; and carbon or methane is emitted when we dispose of them. If we consume less, we lower our carbon emissions, and it all adds up.

Research shows that internet shopping can often result in lower carbon emissions than making the same purchase in the shops. If you’re going to the shops then try to walk or use public transport and get as much as you can in one trip. If you’re going online, try to combine items for fewer deliveries – and ask do you really need it tomorrow, or could you wait? Superfast or named-day delivery is ramping up carbon emissions related to internet shopping. Can you also think about whether a purchase is really needed – reducing the number of returns can also reduce carbon emissions.

‘Less is more’ might require a little more imagination, a little more inventiveness, and a little more time, but we’re sure our Young Climate Warriors are up for the challenge!

Can you try and remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON when you have completed this challenge!


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