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Watching online videos, playing video games... digital detox challenge!

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Hey Young Climate Warriors! 

How long do you spend watching videos on YouTube or Netflix or playing online video games in one day… or one week? Next time you go online, can you time yourself to find out?   

Digital technology helps us in loads of ways… we can learn about new things, connect to people all round the world and join with other Young Climate Warriors to let people know we care about tackling climate change. Things like smart meters can also help us to reduce our energy consumption. 

Our increasing use of digital technology however, is also contributing to climate change.  The entire global information technology (IT) sector - from manufacturing computers to powering and cooling internet servers to charging smartphones  – is already estimated to produce 4% of global carbon emissions. That’s more than the aviation industry’s fuel emissions!  

Your challenge this week is to pick a day for a ‘DIGITAL DETOX’ – can you have a day without electronic devices and instead spend some time in the garden or park, play a board game, create a work of art or read a book???

Don't forget to tell us when you have completed this challenge - and HIT THE RED BUTTON!

The amount of time we spend watching videos over the internet has grown rapidly and now accounts for over half of the world’s internet traffic, generating 300 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year! - This is as much as France produces in a year.

Do you remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON?  If you manage to complete the challenge it would be great if you can help us to help your voice be counted - show that you care about climate change along with hundreds of other Young Climate Warriors. 

Remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON when you have completed this digital challenge. We’d love to hear what you got up to when you switched off the electronics!

Have fun! From the Young Climate Warriors team


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