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The World COP and the World CUP ...

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

We’re thinking about the continent of AFRICA - home to over 1.4 billion people – double the population of Europe. Dig out a map … can you find Egypt? This week World leaders are meeting in Egypt for a big United Nations Climate Change conference – hopefully you may have heard of it? It’s called COP27 (the 27th meeting of the Conference of Parties) – the ‘WORLD COP’. How about the WORLD CUP – have you heard of that it’s highly likely that you have!! 5 African teams have made it through to the WORLD CUP … including a lot of lions!! The Indomitable Lions, The Atlas Lions, the Lions of Teranga, The Eagles of Carthage and the Black stars – maybe you can find these teams’ countries on your map too?

There’s lots of chat and discussion about the up-and-coming WORLD CUP, yet our ‘WORLD COP’ can go largely unnoticed. This week is your opportunity to give the ‘WORLD COP’ more airtime than the WORLD CUP! Ask your brother or sister, your parent or carer, your grandparent or cousin, your neighbour or classmate to join you in playing a ‘climate change’ game! How about:

a) the African game of Mancala – you need 48 little stones/Lego pieces/peanuts/jelly beans/raisins! and a large egg box;

b) a game of football – but with a homemade football made from bits of recycling! In some countries in Africa, children can’t afford to buy leather footballs, but that doesn’t stop them! They get creative, work together and make their own using things like plastic bags, string, old newspaper and even banana leaves! What will you make yours out of?

c) or trying your luck at Climate Change Snakes and Ladders.

Have you heard of Climate Injustice? Climate Change is impacting our whole planet, yet people in the poorest countries, like many African ones, have done the least to cause climate change – emitting the least carbon emissions, but suffering the worst effects. Does this seem fair to you? Climate Injustice is a key reason why we, as Young Climate Warriors, take action every week! World leaders at COP27 will be making decisions on how we can help poorer countries adapt to a changing climate, and how we can help them recover from the loss and damage they are suffering due to more extreme weather events – like droughts, storms and flooding.

When you have played a ‘climate change’ game and given our WORLD COP more air time than the WORLD CUP – then please HIT THE RED BUTTON and let us know!!



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