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Swap 'screens for sport' or 'devices for dirt'?

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Digital technology can help us do incredible things – what ideas come to mind? We are able to stay connected to our family and friends despite being miles away from them. We can learn about almost anything via a simple web search, play ‘live’ interactive games and … be part of a virtual team of Young Climate Warriors – and receive this challenge each week!!

Yet, our increasing use of digital technology is contributing to climate change – its impact could be even greater than that related to our aeroplane usage. Energy used by our devices often seems almost ‘invisible’ – it’s less noticeable, and therefore easier to waste. Have you ever thought about the energy needed to power the cloud, stream a film, or play a video game – on top of the energy needed to manufacture the devices in the first place?

Your challenge this week is to get outside and away from your screens – what will you choose to do? Here are a few ideas - improve your keepie-uppies, design a race track, have a mud pie tea party, practice your football shooting skills, dig for treasure, play hop-scotch, race around on your bike? Take a break from the digital devices and into the dirt to help reduce our impact on climate change – and when you have – HIT THE RED BUTTON to let us know!

Many athletes and sports clubs are using their popularity to speak out about climate change. Have you heard of any sporting heroes who are making a stand? FIFA called Forest Green Rovers the ‘greenest club in the world’watch ‘Cam’ – a young fan – help explain why.

Here are some other football-related examples: Hector Bellerin is speaking out and taking action to tackle climate change - eating a meat-free diet, driving an electric car and pledging to ensure 3,000 trees are planted in the Amazon every time Arsenal wins a game! Morton Thorsby wears a number 2 on his shirt representing the goal of ‘limiting global warming to 2 degrees’. Tottenham Hotspurs are making a stand for climate change. Ledley King, a former Tottenham player speaks out and says ‘don’t be afraid to learn’. It’s important to remember it’s not about which sports clubs we support or which teams we follow – as the Forest Green Rovers Chairman said ‘let’s get passionate about the environment because it's more important than the sport we follow.’ Let us know about your favourite athlete or sports clubs that is speaking out about climate change!!

Remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON when you have swapped screens for sport or devices for dirt. Send us photos of what you get up to when you’ve switched off your electronics!


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