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Say 'NO' to snack-packaging, go for 'Nude Food'!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Your challenge this week is to REFUSE snack-packaging and go for 'nude food'. 

Can you plan your own packed lunch or school snack and keep it free from single use wrappers, paper, foil or plastic? You could slice up some seasonal fruit and veg and put it in a reusable container. Add some grated cheese, a dollup of yogurt or houmous. A handful of your favourite dried fruit. Make a mini sandwich or wrap. Maybe you could check the fridge to see if you can make a little pot of left-over pasta, rice or veg. If you usually have biscuits or crisps then why not try something new this week, or ask your parent or carer to buy a large packet that will last for several days. Maybe you could make some popcorn? Or you could make your own snacks and have some bake-off fun with your siblings or friends!

By saying NO to snack-packaging you can help tackle climate change as well as reduce litter and cut plastic waste that ends up in our oceans. This is because every throwaway wrapper we use has to be made in a factory, which requires raw materials and energy use, and it then has to be transported in lorries or other vehicles, all of which causes greenhouse gas emissions.  

Don’t forget to HIT THE RED BUTTON when you’ve created your own 'nude food' snack or lunch box.

Remember it’s not just plastic that’s a problem.  Single use packaging made of other materials like paper, cotton or glass also requires land, water and energy to produce and requires fuel to move it around. In some cases it may even create more greenhouse gases than plastic alternatives. So swapping one type of single-use packaging for another is not the answer. We need to use less packaging and nude our food!

Can you be creative with your 'nude food' If you’re feeling adventurous how about ‘ants on a log’? Make a log out of celery, cucumber or carrot, spread cream cheese, peanut butter or houmous on top and sprinkle with ‘ants’ aka raisins or roasted sunflower seeds. 

Enjoy being creative with your 'nude food' snack or lunch box this week - and HIT THE RED BUTTON to tell us when you've completed this challenge!


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