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Nature is AWEsome!

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

In the days of the Wild West, adventurers travelled across the world looking for gold ore because they thought this would make them rich and happy. Can you look for a different sort of ‘awe’ this holiday? A beach with crashing waves. A park where sunlight is dappling through new leaves. A pond with insects so light they can skate along the surface of the water. How do you feel when you stop and look? Your challenge this week is to ask your parent/carer if you can take a walk to a local woodland, riverside, park or other green space, find a good spot and STAND STILL for FIVE minutes. Use all your senses to explore what you find (top tips: start by closing your eyes so you can focus on sounds and smells. Don’t eat anything you find unless an adult says it’s safe!). Why not take a photograph, draw a picture or write a description or poem about what you see, hear, smell or touch and share it with us by email when you click the red button? We will put your creation in our gallery on the website!

Remember, even when you’re inside, you can take an ‘awe break’ any time, by looking at some nature books or watching this short trailer Our Planet - a new series narrated by David Attenborough, which starts today.


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