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It's time for walking and talking ... join in with the COP27 'running out of time' relay.

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Can you remember COP26 – the big UN Climate Change Conference that was held in Glasgow last year? COP27 – the 27th Conference of the Parties – is being held in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt from 6th to 18th November this year. Thousands of runners, cyclists and sailors are currently undertaking a non-stop relay 7,767km from Scotland to Egypt to deliver a message to the world’s leaders at COP27 - ‘we are running out of time’ – read the full ‘running out of time’ message here – it’s already been signed by over 250,000 people. Check out the ‘live relay map’ to see where the baton is now.

This week’s challenge is about walking and talking. Can you join with the ‘running out of time’ relay in spirit by doing more walking, running and cycling this week, and telling others about it – all to help tackle climate change? Avoiding using the car – by walking, running, scooting or cycling helps reduce our carbon emissions – reducing our impact on climate change.

But why is ‘talking’ important? The more we talk, chat, share and discuss what we know, feel and think about climate change, our vision for the future, and our need to protect our beautiful world and keep it healthy, the more likely we are to feel motivated to take action and encourage others to do the same. Maybe this week, whilst out walking, or in the playground, you could chat to your friends, cousins, grandparents, teachers or neighbours about our natural world and how Young Climate Warriors, like yourself, are taking action to protect it – maybe talk about some of the weekly challenges that you have undertaken?

Have a close look at a picture of the ‘running out of time’ baton. Look at the different types of wood that have been used. What do you think the metal spirals might represent? The Glasgow-based designers have created the COP27 ‘time is running out’ baton from 18 seemingly fragile parts each representing the nations that the baton passes through on its journey from Scotland to Egypt. These 18 fragile parts are much stronger together and are held together by 4 iconic spiral rings representing the four essential layers of climate change action where impact can be made – international, national, local and individual.

By walking and talking you’ll be helping cut your carbon emissions, and maybe you will encourage others to help tackle climate change too! HIT THE RED BUTTON when you have completed this challenge.


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