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Hear the rustle and crunch ... soak in the rusty, golden hues?

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Head to the woods...hear the rustle and crunch...soak in the rusty, golden hues. How many trees can you name? Can you recognise the trees by the shape and size of their leaves? Click here for a one page ‘Woodland Trust - Nature Detectives’ sheet for help identifying leaves.

Your challenge this week is to ask your parent / carer to take you exploring in the woods – and help you identify five different trees. See how many seed types you can find – conkers, beech nuts, acorns, sycamore helicopters? Find the biggest, brightest orange leaf. Look up to the canopy - how tall are the trees? What do the different tree barks feel like? Can you stretch your arms around a tree trunk? Find a decaying log on the ground – what creatures are living underneath it?

Trees are one of Planet Earth’s most powerful natural defences against climate change as they ‘store carbon’. They soak up Carbon Dioxide to make food for themselves using the sun’s energy, and trap it in their trunks, branches, roots and leaves. To combat climate change we need to REDUCE the amount of carbon we emit into the atmosphere. We can also help fight climate change by INCREASING the amount of carbon we ‘store’ – in plants, soil and the ocean.

You are one of nearly 800 Young Climate Warriors – let your voice to heard – tell us when you have completed this challenge by HITTING THE RED BUTTON!

The Woodland Trust's Big Climate Fightback aims to plant over ONE MILLION trees in the UK this November. Could you and your family or school get involved in planting a tree? Can you plant one in your garden? Can you encourage your school to plant a tree? (There are several schemes providing schools with free trees). Can you support a community tree planting project?

Trees are majestic and inspiring. They are among the longest-living lifeforms on Earth, and can potentially play a major part in helping us to combat climate change.

Have fun exploring in the woods and don’t forget to HIT THE RED BUTTON and tell us when you have completed this challenge.


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