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Ditch the devices and head outside!

Updated: Feb 9

What do you reckon to digital technology – do you think it’s incredible? You might not even be able to remember a time without it. Today we’re able to stay connected to our family and friends despite being miles away from them; we can learn about almost anything at our fingertips; play ‘live’ interactive games and … be part of a virtual team of Young Climate Warriors doing these challenges!


Have you ever thought about the energy needed to power the cloud, stream a film, or play a video game – and that’s on top of the energy needed to manufacture the devices in the first place? Our increasing use of digital technology is having an increasing impact on climate change (nearly a greater impact than aviation). Do you think the fact that energy used by our devices seems almost ‘invisible’ makes it easier to waste?


Your challenge this week is to get outside and away from your screens, reducing your carbon emissions. Getting outside into nature is good fun, and also good for our well-being. Kick a football around, how many ‘keepie-uppies’ can you manage? Set up a family obstacle track around the park? Take a thermos of hot chocolate to drink under a tree? Try spotting some animal prints in the mud? 


Young inspiring sportspeople are taking action to protect our planet – can you think of any? 17 year old Innes FitzGerald cross-country running champion turned down the opportunity to race in Australia as she cannot justify flying given the climate crisis we are facing. She was awarded BBC Green Sport Young Athlete 2023. Check out 18 year old Lesein Mutunkei’s ‘Trees4Goals’ initiative – as a popular Kenyan footballer he’s planting trees every time he scores a goal. Some sports clubs are also taking action.  Forest Green Rovers is called the ‘greenest club in the world’ - ‘Cam’, a young fan, explains why. You might like to score some ‘green goals’ if you support a professional football team – check out Green Football Weekend 2 - 5 February.

By taking time away from your screens, you are helping reduce your carbon footprint. Let us know when you have taken a break from the digital devices by HITTING THE RED BUTTON!


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