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Can you imagine ... the world before cars?

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

This week you need to use your imagination as well as your legs…

Your challenge this week is to keep fit, have fun AND reduce harmful carbon emissions by walking, cycling or scooting at least one journey that you would normally have driven. Can you help celebrate WORLD Car-Free Day - this SUNDAY?

PLEASE REMEMBER - When you have walked that journey you would normally have driven then let us know - HIT THE RED BUTTON!

Can you imagine the world before cars? Try and imagine your day without them. A walk to school, a walk to the market, a walk to your friends’ house, or if you were very lucky possibly a ride on a horse-drawn cart. Today there are nearly 1 billion cars on our planet, and they are having a big impact on our environment. Most vehicles produce harmful carbon emissions, as well as pollutants that are not good for our health.

Can you imagine what your town would be like without cars? This Sunday, 22 September, is WORLD Car Free Day. Towns and cities around the world - including London, Leeds, Barcelona, Paris, Reykjavik and Jakarta - are banning cars for the day to make way for walking, bike-riding, family entertainment, games and street food stalls. Can you find out if there is an event near you – or can you create your own car-free weekend outing - maybe a walk or bike ride to hunt for conkers?

Can you imagine what our streets will look like in 2050? Designers, scientists, and engineers are working hard to create the cars of the future. Whilst you are out and about this week see how many electric or hybrid cars you can spot. You will probably see more and more over the next year – an extra 1 million electric (and plug-in hybrid) cars are expected in Europe in the next year. European regulations (legal rules) are pushing car manufacturers to reduce their carbon emissions.

And after electric cars … maybe hydrogen cars ... and then …. your imagination will have to take over!

Don’t forget to HIT THE RED BUTTON to let us know when you have completed one car-free trip that would normally have involved driving!


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