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Can you go for Zero Waste with great taste?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Can you create some ‘simple’ snacks for your family – that avoid single-use wrappers made from paper, foil or plastic. ‘Zero waste with great taste’ is best! Please ask your parent/carer before undertaking ‘snack-making’ in the kitchen, and be particularly careful when using knives, graters or the toaster. Get adventurous - could you slice up some fruit – make apple smiles, or banana wheels (with Fairtrade bananas? See below for more on Fairtrade). Reuse an old plastic container – and fill it with cut squares of cheese, or make cream cheese nibbles using broken crackers? Make some toast and jam triangles? Or marmite soldiers? Grate beetroot and carrot and mix with some seeds or nuts – a little salad snack bowl? Compile a crudité snack – raw carrots, celery sticks, cucumber batons? As a treat maybe bake some chocolate cookies? (with Fairtrade chocolate?)

Have you ever thought about how that wrapper was made? Every throwaway wrapper – whether it’s made from plastic, foil, paper or cotton – is made in a factory, which requires raw materials (mining, cleaning and processing all use energy) as well as the energy used for manufacturing and transportation – all these stages produce carbon emissions causing climate change. What do you think about swapping one type of single-use packaging for another? We need to use less packaging – full stop.

What different foods do children around the world eat? Take a look at these pictures and see if you can work out what the foods are? It is nearly Fairtrade Fortnight and the ‘Choose the World You Want’ Festival is running from the 21st of February to the 6th of March 2022. Fairtrade means paying farmers a fairer price for their produce – which in turn means they can have more resources to adapt to the changing climate and to invest in sustainable farming. So by making Fairtrade choices we can help support farmers and workers to adapt to the effects of climate change – look out for the Fairtrade logo when you buy ingredients from the supermarket. If you’d like to find out more about Fairtrade – you could watch this short 4 minute film – ‘Weathering the Storm with Fairtrade’, or go to the Fairtrade website to see more of the activities planned for ‘Choose the World you Want’ festival – they’ve even got links to some ‘Fairtrade’ recipes if you’d like to try your hand at baking some snacks.

If you are out on a walk this week, and see some snack-packaging littering the verge or hedgerows – maybe, if your parent/carer agrees you could collect it up and put it in the bin – helping out your local wildlife.

Remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON – and let your voice be heard – when you have made some ‘simple – zero waste, great taste’ snacks for your family – cutting your carbon emissions by avoiding pre-packed snacks.


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