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Can you find a 1 litre bottle?

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Imagine 140 one litre bottles filled with water - that is how much water each person in the UK uses...EVERY DAY! This week's challenge requires some maths...sorry, the school holiday is over! A typical bath uses 80 litres of water, and an average shower uses 8 litres per minute (have you every thought about how long you spend in the shower?). Can you calculate how much water you use for showering or bathing in a week? (If you share your bath water with another member of your family you can halve/third your water usage). This week's challenge is to take a simple step to cut your carbon emissions - can you share your bath water, have a smaller bath, have a shower instead of a bath or reduce your time in the shower? If your parent/carer is happy for you to do so, you could set a timer (well away from the water!) and limit yourself to a 5 minute shower.

It's not just HEATING water that creates carbon emissions. Carbon emissions are also generated when we use energy to pump, treat and deliver COLD water to our homes and to dispose of our waste water.


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