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Bye, bye, buy ...

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

When you hear the word ‘Amazon’ do you think ... toys, books, presents, the internet and shopping – or do you think of the South American rainforest that is one of our carbon- storing, climate change-fighting powerhouses? Your challenge this week is to reduce the ‘clicks’ whilst thinking about our rainforests and the animals that live there. Maybe ‘less is more’?

How about letting your imagination wander - what presents could you make – maybe with an animal theme? Decorate an old can with a collage of animal pictures – and pop a hyacinth bulb in it? Make a piece of modern art out of wire and string – maybe based on an animal shape? Make a ‘rainforest lantern’ – paint a ‘rainforest’ on a glass jar and pop a candle inside? Write out your favourite animal poem and illustrate it?

Almost everything we buy causes carbon emissions, leading to climate change. Raw materials need energy to be mined and refined; electricity is used in factories to manufacture goods; petrol or diesel are used to transport them; carbon or methane is emitted depending on how we dispose of them. If we consume less, what impact do you think it has on our carbon emissions?

If you’re looking to buy something, how about ‘adopting’ an animal instead, or scouring your local second-hand shops or ‘pre-loved’ websites? If you have to buy brand-new, can you support local producers or businesses that care about protecting our natural world? Look out for the following: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper, Soil Association food, Fairtrade products and Organic-certified clothing

Learn more about our magnificent rainforests with National Geographic, or about animals of the rainforest with WWF, or hear the sounds of the rainforest in real-time with this fascinating Rainforest Connection project. ‘Less is more’ might require a little more imagination, a little more inventiveness, and a little more time, but we’re sure our Young Climate Warriors are up for the challenge! HIT THE RED BUTTON and let us know what action you choose to take.


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