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Become a 'washing wizard'...

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Hey Young Climate Warriors! 

We hope you have had a lovely summer holiday, and are excited for the school year ahead.  We have some great Young Climate Warriors challenges lined up... together we CAN make a difference, and together we WILL make a difference!  

With over 600 subscribed Young Climate Warriors, you are part of a fantastic team of children.  You are showing that you care about our planet, that you want to do something to help, and that you'd like your voice to be heard. 

So ... for our first Autumn term challenge ...  How hard do you make your washing machine work … in one week … in one year??  Can you ask your parent/carer how many washes you do in a week - and work it out - we think you might be surprised!

Just like you, your washing machine often has to step up a gear with ‘back to school’.   Can you ease your washing machine's burden … and its impact on climate change.  Your challenge this week is to be the ‘washing wizard’ and make some of the laundry pile disappear!

This week can you STOP and THINK before putting your uniform in the wash basket ... Could you use a flannel to ‘spot’ clean that yoghurt from your top – dry it over a chair so it’s waiting for you next morning? Is your uniform really dirty or is it just a habit to jettison it onto the pile for the washing machine, can you wear it for another day? 

Sometimes your clothes really do need to get soaked, rinsed and spun  - can you help your parent / carer load the washing machine - could you have waited and put more in that load?  Is your normal washing machine cycle at 30 degrees?

And don’t let this uniform challenge distract you from your jeans -  do they really need to go in the wash again?! 

If you'd like to understand more about plastic microfibres in our washing you may find this Friends of the Earth page interesting :

When you have become a 'washing wizard' and helped make the laundry pile disappear - don't forget to HIT THE RED BUTTON!


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