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Bathroom Water Blitz!!

Updated: Jun 21

Water is fundamental to human life, and yet do you think we sometimes take it for granted? Can you imagine waking up before dawn to trek to the nearest water source, and then carrying a filled water container – without spilling it – and doing that every single day? Women and children around the world, spend 200 million hours each day collecting water. 


Have you any idea how much water you use in a weekend? You might like to try and work it out …  you’d need to think about how much you use for cooking, washing up, running the dishwasher, washing your clothes, bathing, flushing the toilet … as well as drinking of course! The average individual in the UK uses 140 litres of water EVERY day …. 140 litres!! See if you can find a 1 litre bottle around your home - fill it up, close your eyes and imagine 140 of them lined up – does that seem crazy?


We're excited to be part of the Climate Action Countdown, and your challenge this week is to join us with a Bathroom Water Blitz and reduce your household water use!! Often younger children in the UK have a daily bath as part of their evening routine, maybe this weekend could be different … Could you skip it today … taking action to live more sustainably might require us to change our habits? Or could you leave your bath water for another family member? Or maybe have a shower instead? A typical bath takes 80 litres of water!! – so swapping to a shower - provided it’s not super long(!) can dramatically reduce this.  Older children/teens tend to opt for showers … but how long is a ‘normal’ shower.  What’s your top ‘sustainable living showering track?’ This weekend, find a favourite from your music playlist and turn your shower off when it finishes (without splashing your device!)  Share your ‘sustainable living showering track’ #climateactioncountdown, #youngclimatewarriorscheck out the playlist so far!!


Thinking global … what has climate change got to do with water - check out this WaterAid video to learn more.  What do you think of this quote: 'If climate change is a shark, water is its teeth' by James P Bruce, Meteorologist - why do you think this might be the case?  Have you heard that over 1.9bn people rely on Himalayan glaciers for drinking, agriculture, energy?  Reducing our water consumption can play its part in helping to combat climate change.  Pumping, treating, delivering and disposing of cold water causes carbon emissions, as well as those resulting from the burning of fossil fuels related to heating the water in our home boilers. 


Remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON when you have helped to tackle climate change from your bathroom!!


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