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Unfolding ... fold, flip, fold ... 2024

Updated: Jan 19

How is your 2024 unfolding?  How would YOU choose for your 2024 story to unfold? Have you ever done any origami – the folding of paper to make shapes or objects - maybe you’ve made a paper aeroplane, or a fancy swan – have you ever made a ‘fortune-teller’, sometimes called a ‘chatterbox’? If you’re not sure what we’re talking about try asking your parent/carer or grandparents – we’re sure they’ll have made these many times before – even if they don’t really know what they’re called!


For help with making one – here’s an ‘Artforkidshub’ link – don’t forget to start with a square piece of paper (so you might need to cut off the end of an A4 page). We’re creating lots of very special 2024 Young Climate Warriors ‘fortune-tellers’ – here’s the plan:


Firstly – for the outside layer – choose 4 pictures from our natural world – things you love about our natural world, things you care about (draw them, or maybe cut them out from a magazine?).  Secondly – for the middle layer – write down 8 things you’d like to help protect from our natural world – think land and sea creatures, plants or habitats. Thirdly – think up 4 ‘actions’ you can do to help protect our natural world in 2024; you could look back at some of our YCW challenges, or check out our photos and YCW video here if you’re stuck for ideas.


Launch the ‘great unfolding’ by playing the game with members of your family.  Ask them if they’ll join you as part of your 2024 story in undertaking the final ‘action’ to help protect our natural world.


If you fancy an alternative ‘unfolding’ - find a blanket – ‘fold’ it up and leave it on the favourite chill-out place in your home.  Find a safety pin and attach a note to it – ‘2024 BLANKET’. Ask your family to ‘unfold’ the blanket to keep themselves warm, rather than turning up the heating; and ask them to ‘fold it up’ and take it on picnics when the summer comes so you can have time exploring and enjoying our natural world.


Caring for our planet, tackling climate change, and protecting nature, needs all of us, and we can have some fun along the way – join us in 2024 to take action alongside so many others around the world!  HIT THE RED BUTTON and tell us when you have completed this challenge!


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