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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Do you know where your nearest apple tree is? Maybe you have spotted apple tree branches hanging over someone’s garden fence on your walk to school. Are there many apples on it? 2022 saw a bumper crop of British apples, however, the heat and water stresses of 2023 have resulted in a smaller crop this year. The sunnier weather in June means, however, that the 2023 apple harvest is sweeter than normal. Climate Change and changing weather patterns are having an impact on harvests all around the world – British apples give just one small example of this.

Young Climate Warriors are challenged this week to choose local fruits over imported fruits. To swap pineapple, mango, melon, grapes and oranges for apples, pears, maybe some late plums, blackberries, raspberries and redcurrants, or the exceptional ripe fig? Buying seasonal, local fruit can help cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change by saving energy used for growing out of season (e.g. heating greenhouses), longer-term storage and transportation. Can you see how many different varieties of British-grown apples you can eat this week? Can you be brave and try something new? Is it red, green, brown or stripy? What does it taste like – crisp or crunchy? Sweet or tangy?

If you can find an apple tree where you’re allowed to ‘harvest’ the apples – then enjoy twisting an apple into your hand and taking a bite! Are there any apples on the ground below? Don’t dismiss these ‘windfalls’ – they’re like a hidden extra - you might need to cut off the bruises or cut out the insect holes – but there is often still lots of great ‘apple’ within it!

All trees, including apple trees, are great at taking carbon out of our atmosphere (through photosynthesis) and helping to combat climate change. Do you know of any tree-planting projects near you? Maybe your school is taking part in Just One Tree Day – Friday 13th October – a non-school uniform day making a stand for our environment – if not you could suggest it for next year?

How about finding a comfy spot under a tree - for some chill-out time? Look up at the canopy - what autumn colours can you see? What does the bark feel like? Can you hear any birds, insects or animals?

Remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON when you have completed this challenge and swapped imported fruits for homegrown fruits! Please do share photos of your apples with us


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