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Let's crack on ... no time for 'drafts' nor 'draughts'!

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

A windswept clifftop walk, a refreshing sea breeze on your face, leaves flurrying in the gusts – you might consider them wonderful? On the other hand, gales and storms exacerbated by climate change can cause major problems. Wind turbines however offer great opportunities for renewable energy. On 30th December 2022 the UK achieved a record for ‘zero carbon’ electricity. 61% of UK grid electricity was produced by wind farms that day. Check out Danny MacAskill riding a 70m wind turbine!

How about wind howling under your door, down a chimney, or whistling round the window … maybe it doesn’t seem so wonderful!? Even the tiniest of gaps – a keyhole or a crack in the floorboards - can let warm air leak out of our homes and cold air flow in; so the boiler has to work harder for longer, burning more fuel, costing more money and creating more carbon emissions. Your challenge this week is to keep the wind out, and the heat in! Help your family by drawing all your curtains at dusk and remembering to shut the door on draughts! Before you tug at any curtains, please check with your parent/carer!

Humans put on jumpers, coats and hats when we get cold, but how do you think animals that live in cold climates keep warm? Penguins have dense oily feathers and a thick layer of fat, birds fluff up their feathers to trap air, and sheep grow a thick wool coat. Learn here about how polar bears stay warm. What does your home ‘wear’ to stay warm? … Curtains and insulation! Roof insulation is made of materials that don’t allow heat to pass through easily such as fibre-glass or Rockwool (don’t touch it with your hands), foam boards, or in some cases, it’s even made from sheep wool! You could ask your parent/carer to show you some insulation around your home – you may find some in a roof space, or can you hunt down some lagged pipes?

Maybe go on a draught-hunt? Hold a feather near external doors, windows, keyholes, gaps between floorboards and unused chimneys. If your feather flutters or you feel a cold chill, it’s time to take action! Ask your parent or carer if you can fill in small gaps with old newspaper. For larger gaps, you could have a go at making a sausage dog draught excluder by stuffing one leg of an old pair of tights with scrap paper or fabric.

Share your completed challenge with us - HIT THE RED BUTTON when you have drawn your curtains and shut the door on draughts!


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