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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Have you noticed any green hearts 💚 maybe badges on people’s coats, in shop windows or displayed in your local library, in your school or place of worship, in children’s news magazines or on the TV, in your neighbour’s window or a local cafe? Green hearts 💚 are popping up everywhere, lots of people are getting crafty and creative to show that they care about our planet. Together we can protect the world we love – join the #showthelove campaign!!

This week, let your creative juices bubble. Create a beautiful green heart 💚 out of stones or leaves? Or maybe make a heart 💚 of green vegetables? Bake a green heart 💚, create a heart 💚 from green packaging or wrapping paper? Or a heart 💚 composed of pictures of things you love and want to protect - birds, flowers, trees, animals? Check out The Climate Coalition website for other ideas.

Let your voice be heard!!! Wear or display your green heart for others to see – hang it from a tree, make it into a badge, or display it from your kitchen window or classroom notice board? Wear it, pin it, post it!

Let your voice be heard!!! Pop one of your green hearts 💚 in an envelope (or a photo if it doesn’t fit!); attach it to this #showthelove postcard, and send it to your Member of Parliament (MP) at ‘House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. Find the name of your MP. Or email your MP directly via the Climate Coalition website. Lots of options!!

Let your voice be heard!!! Email YOUNG CLIMATE WARRIORS a photo of your green hearts 💚 – or by HITTING THE RED BUTTON. And ask your parent/carer to share it on social media #showthelove, #youngclimatewarriors.

Do you think it’s important to share your views and thoughts with your MP? Sending your own green heart – sends a personal message that you want their help to protect our planet from the worst impacts of climate change. The more ‘green hearts’ they receive, the more they’ll sit up and take notice. You might like to watch this ‘show the love’ video – or this ‘show the love’ #shorts - maybe share it with your family and friends. Can you imagine your green heart joining the flock of hearts spreading across the UK, winging their way towards Westminster? #showthelove.

Do you think we are, or could be, a country of green hearts? #showthelove. HIT THE RED BUTTON and share your green heart 💚 today!


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