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How many toilet rolls do you use?

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

How many toilet rolls do you think your family uses in a week? Imagine how many we use as a country!

Young Climate Warriors...before you start this week's's time to become a detective. What is your toilet paper made of? It's not always easy to find out that sort of thing...why do you think this might be? Recycled toilet paper can be made from - sugar pulp, 'used' office paper or 'used' greetings cards - don't worry - not 'used' toilet paper! Recycled toilet paper has around half the 'carbon footprint' of 'normal' toilet paper - meaning that it has half the climate change impact. As a Young Climate Warrior, your challenge this week is to help keep more carbon locked up in trees - use half the amount of toilet paper each time you go to the bathroom - for at least one day. Don't forget to HIT THE RED BUTTON to tell us when you've completed the challenge!


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