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Go for 'nude food'! Say 'no' to snack packaging!

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Lockdown isn’t easy, and remote-schooling can be tricky, but do you think our natural world is maybe benefitting from our ‘lockdown’ in some ways ? Can we further help our natural world whilst spending more time at home, by making our own snacks?

Can you create some ‘simple’ snacks for your family – that avoid single-use wrappers made from paper, foil or plastic. Nude food is best! Please ask your parent / carer before undertaking ‘snack-making’ in the kitchen, and be particularly careful when using knives, graters or the toaster.

Could you slice up some fruit – make banana wheels, or apple smiles?

Cut squares of cheese, or make cream cheese nibbles using broken crackers?

Make some toast and jam triangles? Or marmite soldiers?

Grate beetroot and carrot and mix with some seeds or nuts – a little salad snack bowl?

Compile a crudité snack – raw carrots, celery sticks, cucumber batons?

By saying NO to snack-packaging you can help tackle climate change as well as reduce litter and cut plastic waste that ends up in our oceans. Every throwaway wrapper – whether it’s made from plastic, foil, paper or cotton – is made in a factory, which requires raw materials and uses energy for manufacturing and transportation – all these stages produce carbon emissions causing climate change. Swapping one type of single-use packaging for another is not the answer. We need to use less packaging and nude our food!

Remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON! – and let your voice be heard – when you have made some nude food ‘simple’ snacks for your family.

While making your ‘simple’ snacks, you may like to ponder how our planet has ‘calmed down’ in lockdown. Have you ever thought about how noisy humans are? The Natural History Museum has reported that as human movement has calmed during this pandemic - so has the entire planet! Sounds and vibrations of the earth – normally caused by vehicles, planes, construction, movement – ‘the daily hum’ – has dropped by 50%! Animals are acutely sensitive to noise pollution – birds can now hear each other more easily, and bats, who rely on echolocation, benefit from the sound of silence. With less tankers and freight on the move, the Bosphorus river, in Turkey – one of the busiest shipping routes in the world – has witnessed schools of dolphins jumping in the waters!

If you are out on a walk this week, and see some snack-packaging littering the verge or hedgerows – maybe, if your parent / carer agrees you could collect it up and put it in the bin – helping out your local wildlife.

When you have made some nude food ‘simple’ snacks for your family to share – cutting your carbon emissions by avoiding pre-packed snacks – don’t forget to HIT THE RED BUTTON!


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