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Ditch the devices ... it's Green Football Weekend!

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Digital technology – do you think it’s incredible? You might not be able to remember a time without it – but not long ago there were no mobile phones and you had to use an encyclopaedia to look up ‘facts’. Today we’re able to stay connected to our family and friends wherever they live; we can learn about almost anything via a simple web search; play ‘live’ interactive games and … be part of a virtual team of Young Climate Warriors – and receive this challenge each week!!

Yet, our increasing use of digital technology is contributing to climate change – its impact is soon to overtake that related to our aeroplane usage. Have you ever thought about the energy needed to power the cloud, stream a film, or play a video game – and that’s on top of the energy needed to manufacture the devices in the first place? Do you think the fact that energy used by our devices seems almost ‘invisible’ makes it easier to waste?

Your challenge this week is to get outside and away from your screens. You might like to join in with Green Football Weekend (3rd-5th Feb). Is your local football club involved? Or score some ‘green goals’ for the professional football team you support – are Manchester United still top of the leaderboard? They were beaten by Northampton Town in the 2022 Planet League tournament … watch this space!! If you’re not into football … how about setting up a family obstacle track around the park or in your garden; or take a thermos of hot chocolate into the woods and see what you can find? Or try tracking some animal prints in the mud?

Athletes and sports clubs are increasingly speaking out about climate change. FIFA called Forest Green Rovers the ‘greenest club in the world’ - ‘Cam’, a young fan, explains whytheir new kit is made from coffee waste and recycled plastic bottles, with bamboo shin pads, their organic pitch is fed with recycled rainwater, solar panels power the stadium, and vegan food is served in their café. Morten Thorsby, BBC 2022 Green Sport Young Athlete, wears a number 2 on his shirt representing the goal of ‘limiting global warming to 2 degrees’ – did you know that?

Let us know when you have taken a break from digital devices to help reduce our impact on climate change – HIT THE RED BUTTON to let us know!


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