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Cats have four, beetles have six, spiders have eight - how many do you have?

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Cats have four, beetles have six, spiders have eight – how many do you have? And can you make more use of them this week?

It’s Walk to School week 20-24 May, and we’re asking our Young Climate Warriors to get out of the car and use their legs instead.

Walking, instead of driving, might require a change to your routine…you might need to get out of bed earlier, or be more organised with your school bag packed the night before, but are you up for the challenge? You will need to talk to your parent/carer and get their agreement.

If you live too far from school, and walking is totally impractical, maybe you could walk to brownies or cubs, walk to football club or your swimming lessons? Walk at least one journey that you would normally have driven and then please remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON!

If you feel like waking your feet up before their walk to school, and you have a patch of grass near your home you could consider walking barefoot through the dew?

It is easy to get confused about carbon emissions and air pollution, so this might be helpful.

The internal combustion engine in your car burns fossil fuels – generally petrol or diesel. Exhaust gases include water vapour, carbon dioxide, some nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and particulates (also called ‘black carbon’). It is the carbon emissions as well as particulates that are harmful for the planet in terms of climate change. The other exhaust gases as well as the particulates are considered as ‘air pollution’ these are harmful to human health.

If all our 450 subscribers committed to avoid their car for a mere 4 miles this week, we would have reduced emissions by almost half a tonne of carbon – and that’s in just one week!

Whilst considering your walk to school you might like to learn about how some other children round the world get to school in ‘six epic journeys to school’.


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