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2023 ... hopes, dreams, ideas, plans ... put pen to paper.

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

It’s 2023 – yippee!! Imagine what we can achieve, the plans we can make, the ideas we can dream into being … When did you last write a letter to a friend or relative? Maybe you wrote some Christmas thank you letters, or maybe you think writing letters is for ‘old people’, or a waste of paper … but we’re talking about a very special letter … so stick with us!

To kick start 2023 can you – as a Young Climate Warrior – write a letter (or draw a picture) … to anyone you choose … your pet hamster; the robin perched on the tree, even the tree itself?!; your oldest, favourite cuddly toy; to ‘tomorrow’; or maybe to a future ‘you’ – one year older perhaps? It’s a letter about caring for our planet – your hopes, your ideas, your dreams, and what you are going to get up to in 2023! Optimism is about being hopeful … can you put on an ‘optimistic’ hat?

It only needs a few sentences, a thought or two; but of course, you could get carried away with a full paragraph or even a mini poem! It definitely doesn’t need your best handwriting, and it can even be on a scrappy piece of paper from the recycling bin. (If you’re wondering how to start … Dear XX, 2023 – yay!! It’s going to be a great year! More and more people are caring for our planet. I’m dreaming of a world that’s … This year my hope is that … and my plan is to… )

And now comes the special part – you don’t need to post it! (But maybe take a photo and email it to us to share – help let your voice be heard!) Just like a squirrel you need to tuck it away – in a cupboard with your pet food, or a box near your toys, or outside hidden in a hole in the tree – try to remember where you leave it so you can search it out or even stumble across it in a few months' time – and see what you were thinking way back in January 2023! Alternatively …. you could even try – write your letter on their website and they’ll email the letter back to you on your chosen date!

Caring for our planet, tackling climate change, and protecting nature, needs all of us – we’re building our future together and just like our chameleon - our Young Climate Warriors logo - we ALL need to change the way we do things, and adapt to our new situation – let’s start by putting pen to paper! HIT THE RED BUTTON and tell us when you have completed this challenge!


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