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Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old from Sweden, gave this amazing speech at the World Economic Forum, inspiring us to set up Young Climate Warriors to fight climate change


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Did You Know...???


  • 31% of UK household carbon emissions are caused by space and water heating.  

  • To achieve absolute zero carbon by 2050 we need to cut our energy use by 40%, this is alongside advances in renewable energy technology.

  • Shutting a shop’s doors in winter can halve its energy use and therefore reduce its carbon emissions by 50%.

  • One study found that up to 7% of a fridge’s energy is expended in cooling down the warmer air that rushes in when the door is opened.

  • Many fridges (manufactured before 2015) contain ‘F-gases’ in their cooling mechanism - these gases have up to 23,000 times more impact on climate change than carbon dioxide – so fridges must always be very carefully recycled.

If your parent or carer is happy for you to do so, you could email us a photo of your challenge (no children in photos please) or post on Instagram #warrior4climate


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