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Greta Thunberg, a 16 year old from Sweden, gave this amazing speech at the World Economic Forum, inspiring us to set up Young Climate Warriors to fight climate change


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  • 100 low carbon homes have just been built in Norwich.  Considered to be some of the most energy-efficient housing in the UK, they enable a 70% reduction in fuel bills for tenants.

  • 80% of the gas used in our homes is for space heating, only 20% relates to water heating and cooking.

  • In 1970, the average internal temperature of a home in winter in the UK was nearer 15°C. 

  • Climate Change is causing more extreme weather conditions, and consequently differing heating / cooling needs. The ‘Beast from the East’ in March 2018 caused a sudden surge in heating requirements. The demand was equivalent to 15 million UK households turning their heating from zero to max over 3 hours, all at the same time.

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