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Climate Change

A bit worried about climate change? Become a climate warrior instead!

A bit worried about climate change? Become a Young Climate Warrior!

David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg, amongst others, are making the world sit up and listen. You too can help us make the changes needed - 

'Little by little, a little becomes a lot'

*All ‘challenges’ must be undertaken with the supervision and at the discretion of a responsible adult

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Did You Know...???

  • Renewables generated nearly half (47%) of UK electricity in the first three months of this year. This has increased from only 2.6% in 2000

  • The average household uses between 8 and 10 kWh of electricity per day. - We need to CUT our energy use to reduce carbon emissions!

  • The UK has over 10,000 offshore wind turbines.

  • New offshore wind turbines are being built that will be 167m in diameter - wider than the London Eye.

If your parent or carer is happy for you to do so, you could email us a photo of your challenge (no children in photos please) or post on Instagram #warrior4climate


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