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How about a game of Climate Change Snakes and Ladders?

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

How about a game of snakes and ladders?

Do you believe it when your teachers tell you maths is useful in real life? Can you think how you can use times-tables to help tackle climate change? What is 1x1? How about 5 x 1? Or 50 x 5? That’s a lot bigger, isn’t it?

This week’s challenge asks you to play a game of 'Climate Change Snakes and Ladders’ with your brother or sister, your parent / carer, or even one of your grandparents or cousins over zoom – the excellent European Commission designed Snakes and Ladders board can be found here

Playing climate change games or chatting about climate change, may help convince others to also make efforts to combat climate change - so multiplying our impact. To look back at the sums – if you could persuade 5 other people to open their curtains and turn their bedroom light off every day before school that’s like 5 x 1 which equals 5 times the impact. If 50 Young Climate Warriors could all tell 5 other people that’s 50 x 5 = 250 people who would ALL be drawing their curtains, switching the lights off and reducing their carbon emissions. Wow!!

When you have enjoyed playing Climate Change snakes and ladders and chatting about climate change then remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON!

Your challenge this week is to share what you know about climate change and encourage others to become Young Climate Warriors. Watching and sharing a video about climate change might spark a conversation - younger children might like this WWF video WWF Penguins and Polarbears, older children might like to share ‘The Time is Now’- Both videos show lots of different people, with different ideas, doing lots of different things to cut emissions and 'multiplying' their impact by sharing what they’ve learnt with others.

Imagine the carbon emissions reductions we could achieve if each Young Climate Warrior persuaded 5 others to take action to tackle climate change – encourage others to become Young Climate Warriors by clicking on the little green chameleon ‘sign up here’ at

Remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON when you have completed this challenge!


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