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Can you make a CLIMATE CHANGE New Year's Resolution - TODAY...

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Have you made any New Year Resolutions for 2020? None of us can fix the climate crisis on our own, but can you think of one thing that you could do this year that would make a difference? – and stick to it?

As a Young Climate Warrior you are already tackling climate change every time you complete the weekly challenge.  And we know from your emails that you have lots of great ideas of your own to reduce harmful greenhouses gases. So this week your challenge is to come up with your own emissions-busting resolution for the New Year.  It could be anything – don’t leave devices on stand-by; prepare meat-free meals; walk or bike a regular journey; use less water when you take a bath – these are just a few ideas. We’d love to hear what youwould like to do!!!  Don’t forget to make it specific – what… when… how… and write it down and stick it somewhere that will help you remember it (for example you could stick it on the door if your resolution is to turn the lights off when you leave).

How long can you keep it up? … can you keep your resolution until the end of January? until half-term? Easter? Resolutions can be easier to keep if they are split into smaller goals like this. And, remember, don’t be glum if you sometimes forget – that’s bound to happen – you can just pick up your resolution again the next day.  

When you have thought of your own CLIMATE CHANGE NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION - please tell us when you HIT THE RED BUTTON

All sorts of people from scientists to big businesses are working to fight climate change, working up their own emissions-busting ideas.  The Earthshot Prize, launched last week by Prince William and David Attenborough, hopes to inspire 'thinkers, leaders and dreamers to lead a decade of action to repair our planet'. Click on this link to watch a short video about the Earthshot Prize.

When you have come up with your emissions-busting resolution please email it to us when you HIT THE RED BUTTON. We can then share your great ideas with other Young Climate Warriors.


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