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But why? But why?

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

‘But why? But why?’ When you were 4 or 5 years old you probably bombarded anyone who would listen with this question! Being a Young Climate Warrior is about asking questions, and being curious. It’s RECYCLE WEEK 2023 (16th-22th October) But why? Why is it that we need to recycle things? How can it help us combat climate change … have a think and then check out some reasons given below.

This week Young Climate Warriors are joining in the nationwide hunt for those items that don’t normally make it into the recycling bin – but should do! Have a look at this article with your parent/carer to learn about how to recycle some of the really ‘weird’ items and see how many items you can rescue from heading to the rubbish bin this week!

The TWO Rs - ‘REDUCING’ and ‘REUSING’ are still the most important for helping our planet - reducing our levels of consumption and waste. Alongside that, we also need to move towards a circular system of more ‘RECYCLING’ and ‘RE-CREATING’. Glass and metal can easily be recycled again and again. Find out more about how GLASS is recycled and how CANS are recycled.

So … why do we recycle … what do you think? FIRSTLY to save raw materials. Glass, for example, is made from about 70% sand mixed with chemicals – to add sparkle, durability or colour. All these components need to be mined, transported and processed in a laboratory – burning fossil fuels along the way. SECONDLY … have you ever thought about all the effort that goes into making one simple glass jar or tin can? Energy, often as electricity, is used to power the factories making these containers – burning more fossil fuels, making climate change worse.

Have you guessed the THIRD reason? - Recycling products saves them from going to landfill - being buried in the ground with other rubbish. Landfill sites are a key source of methane emissions. Methane is a really powerful gas – over 100 years its impact on climate change is 34 times worse than carbon dioxide.

HIT THE RED BUTTON and tell us when you’ve completed this challenge. Don’t forget to explain to your family why it’s important – keep up the ‘whys’!


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