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Founder and Director

Katrina founded Young Climate Warriors in February 2019.  'I felt compelled to convert my feelings into actions and channel my energies into a venture to try and help combat climate change.' 


Prior to having children Katrina worked as a management consultant on assignments including: the London Government Sustainable Communities strategy and the Mayor's Transport Strategy.   She then undertook a Masters in Environmental Change and subsequently worked with ClimateCare, a carbon offsetting business.  More recently she has been involved in Greener Henley community initiatives, and is a Judge for the Henley Schools Environmental Science Competition.   


Katrina loves running in the countryside, thinks being able to harness the sun’s power to create electricity is fantastic, and her children get a bit fed up of cabbage and curly kale. 



Claudia joined Young Climate Warriors as a Trustee in September 2020.

Claudia is a philanthropic fundraiser for the Centre for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Surrey. She works to secure support for research into sustainable development, improving biodiversity and understanding how we can live better on our finite planet. Previously, she worked at the House of Commons and for the World Health Organisation in Geneva. 

Claudia loves a spot of gardening. She has won first prize in the ‘comedy vegetable’ category at her local Produce Show on more than one occasion.

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Sarah joined Young Climate Warriors in March 2019. ‘I don’t believe it is our children’s job to solve the climate crisis. But I do believe passionately that they – like all of us – should have the opportunity to find out how we can live more sustainably and that they should have a platform to make their voices heard.’

Sarah spent ten years as a civil servant in Whitehall, where her work included legislation on air pollution and public transport. She recently completed a Master’s degree focusing on how individuals can respond to global environmental change. 


She loves woodland walks with her family and their dog and singing (not very tunefully).

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Fleur has been involved in Young Climate Warriors since its inception, providing an invaluable science teachers perspective.

Fleur has worked as a primary school teacher for almost 20 years, teaching in London, Rome, Oxfordshire and now for King’s International College, in sunny Bangkok. Always with a passion for encouraging child-led initiatives and engaging children today,  in how and why we should protect the planet for the future. Young Climate Warriors exactly complements this idea, empowering young people to undertake simple challenges that cumulatively have a far-reaching impact.


Fleur loves to travel, learn about new cultures, she and her family delight in trying and cooking international cuisine.

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Katie Marshall is the founder of PR and Brand Consultancy Luxley Communications Ltd. Katie has spent the last 17 years working with some of the world’s most influential brands and people, helping shape their public image, grow their businesses and provide strategic PR and Brand advisory services. Clients include Olympians, World Champions, Education providers, Sustainable Brands and Services, Life and Mindset Coaches, Femtech Apps and many more, for further details see here: www.luxleycommunications.com