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Our Climate, Our Future


 From 1st - 12th November 2021 the UK Government hosted the UN Climate Change Conference – also known as COP26 – in Glasgow. It was an historic moment that has helped define the course of political action to address climate change in the UK and around the globe. It was a once-in-a-generation opportunity for us all to witness, understand and engage with the usually remote global political systems that will set the course of our children's future.

The Our Climate, Our Future FREE ready-to-go curriculum-linked resources can be used to introduce and reinforce the significance of climate change - would your school like to hold a Mini Climate Summit, or run a Climate Action Workshop?  

Our Climate, Our Future - global pack. COP26 - Lesson powerpoint

Our Climate, Our Future - Teachers guide.

Young Climate Warriors was a contributing partner to the COP26 SCHOOLS RESOURCES - curated by WWF and produced by Twinkl.  

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Hold a Mini Climate Summit : explore, discuss, be curious?

Understand the complex and interconnected issues that need to be balanced to tackle climate change.


Run a 

Climate Action Workshop. 

Identify plans and

visions for your 

Culture, Classroom, Campus, Community?


Make a Forest of Promises to the Planet? 

Student voices,

school action plans, community vision?

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Forest of Promises


#PromiseToThePlanet was a campaign providing a voice for young people around the world.

1,000's of children wrote a promise on one side of a leaf, and a promise they want world leaders to make on the other side. #promisetotheplanet.

Letting young people have a voice.  

The Forest of Promises was shared at COP26, and leaders will be held accountable to listening to young people's voices and keeping the promises they make. 

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young Climate Warriors _ Worried about c

Watch this 2min video - and take part in the 'Forest of Promises'?

The Forest of Promises was about helping grow a sustainable future and starting a conversation ...

Young people via a virtual 'forest of promises' sent a message to Boris Johnson and other world leaders showing just how much energy and resolve there is in local communities across the UK to play an active role in fighting climate change.

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A forest is strong because every part of it works together – from the smallest minibeast to the largest tree, and from the highest leaves in the canopy to the microbes deep in the soil.

Forest of Promises
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