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Schools - sign up for an Ambassador Assembly

Local Ambassadors, around the country, are having animated, positive, action -based climate change discussions with pupils. Get in touch if you are interested in an Ambassador coming to your school!

​As a teacher... 

Are you keen to help your pupils learn more about climate change?

Looking for positive messaging about climate change - to encourage and empower, and help counter eco-anxiety?

Do you recognise the importance of presenting Climate Change with a positive yet real approach to understanding and engaging with climate change?

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Help give children the opportunity to learn and understand about climate change in a way that enables them to feel empowered to discuss and choose their own informed path of action.


'Nearly three in four children say they are worried about the state of the planet – 22% say they are VERY worried’

BBC Newsround survey, 2020

‘Almost 9 out of 10 children don’t think enough is being done to tackle climate change and 81% don’t feel they are being listened to’

UNICEF UK survey, 2021

Assembly Trailer
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Maybe the YCW Ambassador Programme can help to start the conversation?

‘The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it’,

Katharine Hayhoe - IPCC Climate Scientist.

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