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It's time to don your sous-chef's hat!

Updated: May 17, 2019

As a ‘sous-chef’ this week it's your job to help your parent/carer prepare your meals. After you’ve chopped your vegetables and are about to shuffle those ends and peelings into the food waste or compost bin (or even worse...general bin) can you stop and think…could we use a bit more? Risk the green ends of those leeks? Mash the potatoes with the skins on? Be brave and try the broccoli stems? Eat the cauliflower leaves - they're just like cabbage.

LOVEFOODhatewaste are running a great campaign - ‘DON'T JUST EAT IT. COMPLEAT IT’. It is encouraging us to eat the whole ingredient and let no edible parts go to waste.

When you’re heading for a fruit snack or a piece of toast, maybe you could live the challenge - opt for the crust, choose the brown-ish banana, or take the slightly bruised apple – if everybody avoids them they might end up in that food waste bin! See if you can cut your food waste by a third this week – and please don’t forget to tell us by HITTING THE RED BUTTON.

It’s notoriously difficult to know how much dry pasta or rice will make just the right amount for your family meal – maybe in your role as sous-chef you could also help by weighing it out this week - this calculator has child’s portions - Maybe you could find a bowl or mug which is just the right size so next week your parent/carer won’t need to worry about weighing it out?

Next time you go to the supermarket can you make a beeline for the ‘wonky’ veg and the ‘ugly’ fruit?

If you're interested in finding out what happens to your food waste when it's collected by your Local Council - you may enjoy this 1 minute video clip.


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