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Ditch the dryers ... and be inspired!

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Thanks to scientists, inventors, engineers, designers, entrepreneurs … take a look around your home and stand in awe at the machines that have revolutionised life in the home! From washing machines to dishwashers, kettles to microwave ovens, tumble dryers to hair dryers – how would life be different without them? These domestic machines also happen to be some of the biggest ‘energy guzzlers’ in our homes. Your challenge this week is to help your parent/carer avoid one of these ‘guzzlers’ – with a focus on the ‘dryers’!

Can you avoid your tumble dryer – if you have one? Maybe make a poster – ‘keep out – no clothes allowed – we’re tackling climate change!’. Nearly three-quarters of the carbon emissions related to a load of laundry come from drying rather than washing. Strange but true: your clothes will dry even in freezing temperatures, as long as the air is dry – you might like this quick video of an ice scientist drying her clothes! If it’s a nice day, help hang the washing up outside; if it’s raining, help by hanging them on a rack inside – keep them ‘socially distanced’ – not touching – and they’ll dry even quicker!

Or maybe you could choose to avoid your hair dryer? Rub your hair dry with a towel – it takes a bit longer and requires the use of your arm muscles! Or wrap a towel around your head – your hair will dry remarkably quickly! Or you could choose to wash your hair earlier in the day – giving it time to dry naturally before going to bed? Lots of options hey!

What machine would YOU like to invent – what ideas do you have? Inventions are happening all around us, all the time. We, humans, are excellent problem solvers! The Earthshot Prize 2023 winners include lots of incredible ideas – helping to revive and restore our planet, and fix our climate. GRST based in Hong Kong, China is developing a cleaner, safer, cheaper way to make and recycle lithium-ion batteries – enabling the increase in production of electric vehicles – amazing science hey! Boomitra uses satellite and AI technology to monitor soil improvements made by farmers, tracking its ability to store carbon – an awesome business in action! S4S Technologies, India, provides solar-powered dryers to rural communities enabling excess crops to be converted to usable products rather than being wasted – what an inspiring project! Watch the 2023 Earthshot Awards Ceremony on Sunday 12th November @ 5.20pm - BBC 1 or YouTube.

Maybe when you grow up you’ll work on other solutions to help repair our planet – a world of opportunity! Remember to HIT THE RED BUTTON when you’ve helped to combat climate change by hanging out your washing, or hand-drying your hair – giving your ‘dryers’ a rest!


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